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Video editing software. It edits videos. Cool huh?

Actually there's not much any given package can't do these days so it's not out of the question to say that whether you are working with an industry standard such as Avid or with a copy of Final Cut Pro that may have come with your computer you can do anything from editing together family videos to professional looking feature films. One of the benefits of the digital age is being able to work with a medium that requires little specialized hardware. The same hardware you might play video games on is now powerful enough to compose footage that in the past would have taken an entire room full of splicing equipment, film reels, audio decks, and more to produce even rudimentary motion pictures.

What's more effects to help clean, color correct, and even layer video together are standard. So don't think these pages will just contain instructions as simple as how to arrange different shots together for sequential viewing. We're capable of much more than that.


What your video editing software won't be capable of is almost as important as what it is capable of however. Especially in the case of Adobe "After Effects" the very name of some video editing programs can give new leaners a false impression of the purpose of the program. We tend to apply the word "Effect" to a broad range of disciplines that also includes the special effects in movies which creates the monsters and magic of fantasy and science fiction. This is not how the term is used here.

Video editing is constricted to the editing of existing elements. It can change the color qualities of video footage that you've recorded. It can move static images created in Photoshop around the screen. It can add to video audio files made in something like FL Studio. But it can not create these elements in and of themselves.

The most that a program like After Effects can "create" is probably simple smoke, dust, and haze effects using masks and / or particle effects. (Very) basic lighting changes can also be made but this will all be discussed later on.

Other Resources

There are quite a few other sites that have good tutorials and instruction about using video editing software or video production in general. Here are just a few.

Video Copilot

Video Copilot is a great, and vast, depository for tutorials mostly specific to Adobe After Effects. Its subjects ranges from simple color correction to complex special effects shots.

Video Copilot Tutorials

Rocket Jump Film School

RJFS doesn't feel like an actual school, because it isn't, but it does have the fun personality of a company started by people who seemed to learn as they went along, because they did.

The vast majority of their info is conveyed through YouTube videoos which also makes it very accessable.

Rocket Jump Film School YouTube Page

Here is an example of the RJFS videos below talking about the early steps of a new project...