Pemiere Pro

  • Premiere keeps filling up the wrong drive with temporary files.

You can dictate where temporary cache files are made in two different places. Make sure you check them both because if you only change one the other might still fill a drive you don't want, such as your operating system drive, with gigabytes worth of data.

File > Project Settings > Scratch Disks

Edit > Preferences > Media > Browse
(it should be one of the first options in the tab.)

  • The playback of my footage in the preview window is at the wrong speed (Though it is fine when rendered out). The sound stutters and I can see the time advancing too quickly.

First of all double check that your sequence has the same settings (frame rate and audio quality) as your footage source. You can quickly test this by right clicking a footage clip, choosing "New Sequence From Clip", and then playing that sequence. Sequences made from clips should always have the same video properties as the clip.

You might want to also make sure you aren't starting playback with odd keys. "J", "K", and "L" are used to playback the preview at different speeds and can be used with "Shift" to playback at more minute speed settings.

If the problem persists navigate to Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware and look for the "Default Input" dropdown. Changing it to a different setting (or "No Input") might fix the speed issues.