Text Placement

For each of the following options, follow the steps listed to achieve the desired effect.

Constraining Text to the AREA of a Path

  1. Select the Pen Tool.
  2. Under the tool specific options at the top select the "Path" option under the first drop down on the left.
  3. Draw the area that you want to contain your text to. Make sure you close the path by clicking on the intial point last.
  4. Select the Text Tool.
  5. When you mouse over the close path you'll see the text cursor icon change to a text prompt with a circle around it. Left click within the drawn area to create a new text layer that is constrained to the new path.

Remember that paths are tied to the layers that they are originally made on. If you want to remove the path then you'll need to delete the text layer you've connected it to.

Constraining Text to the DIRECTION of a Path

If you want to make text that follows along a path instead of falling within the area defined by the path then the operation is very, very similar. The only difference is where you click with the text tool.

To constrain text to the direction of a path simply follow the same steps that are listed in the previous list, but when using your text tool Left click on the path itself. You will know that you're clicking on the right part of the screen because the icon will not simply be either a typing prompt or a typing prompt with a circle next to it - it will be a typing prompt with a wavy line next to it.