Branding involves using consistent colors, styles, motifs, and designs to maintain an identity across different mediums.

Consistent Imagery

The basis for creating a brand identity will be recurring themes. The idea is that visual cues can be just as important to recalling a business or organization as the actual title itself.

For instance Pepsi and Coke have always made use of Blue and Red, even when individual logos have changed, to maintain a consistent facet to the personality of their product.

3D Mockups

3D mockups are an invaluable part of not only visualizing what a product might be in the future but to judge the coherence of a design across different mediums.

When it comes to trying to make an image of packaging look "real" you can do one of two things. You can either make a 2d image using many of the skills discussed in the Image Manipulation section or you can use actual 3d models.

Creating actual 3D models requires the use of actual 3D-capable software. 3D packages differ in use and functionality to a wider degree than most 2D painting packages so it is more difficult to make broad statements about how they work compared to 2D painting programs.

See the Adobe Photoshop section below this one to learn more about Photoshop production otherwise actual 3D programs have their own category on the tutorials main page.