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There are many software packages that can actually help you

At this time this category is not written for beginners. This section is here to give people options for alternate platforms.

The first section will cover common concepts, and then the individual program sections will cover their implementation. So if you just want to know how to load libraries into Visual Studio, scroll to the bottom.

Common Concepts

Code hinting

One of the difficulties of writing code is that it requires perfect spelling of words which may or may not be actual words.

Code libraries

Many games and office programs are made using

A Dynamic library is a seperate file linked to by your program.

Dynamic libraries are basically libraries kept seperate from the main program executable. When you run the executable the program looks for the library at the given path and runs the code it wants.

One drawback to Dynamic libraries is that since you are linking to a pre-existing library you may be including a lot of code in your package that may never actually be used by the program.

They are very useful if the library will be shared however. Having several games sharing a graphics card driver will end up saving space for instance since you don't need to have a copy of the driver in each game.

A Static library includes the required code into your program.

Static libraries refer to including the code of the external library within your executable file itself. This has the benefit of making absolutely sure the dependencies being used by the end user are the same ones you built the program with. Of course this means that if you actually want to update the required library in the future, either to fix a bug or optimize it in some way, then you will need to replace the entire executable file.



Spell checking

Code hinting

Loading libraries

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Spell checking

Code hinting

Loading libraries

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Visual Studio

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Loading libraries in Visual Studio





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