Loading external plug-ins

To load and use an external plug in within FL Studio you must first make sure that the program knows where to look for the plug-ins.

  1. From the main menu choose "Options > File Settings".
  2. Near the middle of the pop up window you should see a section called "VST Plug-ins extra search folder". Click the folder icon and choose the path to the folder of your VST plug-ins (it will read subfolders as well).

Once this has been done we still need to tell FL Studio which plug-ins we want to see within the "add channel" context menu.

  1. Either right click on any channel in the step sequencer and choose "insert" or choose the "channel" option from the main menu.
  2. Choose "More" from the top of the context menu.
  3. A column listing all available plug-ins will appear. Click the "Refresh" button at the bottom and select "scan & verify" and FL Studio will look for Plug-in in the given path (it will pause the program for a few moments depending on how many plug-ins are loaded).
  4. Once you are able to click around again you can check the boxes next to the plug-in titles to decide which ones are and are not shown in the channels context menu.

At this point you can select a plug-in from the "channel" option in the main menu or the "insert" option in the right click menu to add a new instrument to the step sequencer window.

Adding effects works largely the same way except to add them to the project you click the black down arrows in the Mixer window to select and add them.