Types of lights

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Light properties

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Baking lighting effects

Baking textures in max is a fairly simple process. Like any program it will be prefferable if you UV maps set up for every object you want to bake the lighting information of.

Obviously you will need lights within your scene (with shadows activated) if you wish to test baking shadows.

  1. Select the objects that you want to bake lighting for.
  2. Open the "Render To Texture" dialog.
  3. Click "Render"!

Ok that might be an over simplification of the process. It was. You can technically follow those steps but chances are you'll want to at least look at the options.

What you'll want to do, if an object has been baked, is configuring surrounding objects to not cast shadows on it. To configure which objects do and do not cast shadows you can Right-click each object and select "Properties" from the context menu. Options "Cast Shadows" and "Recieve Shadows" should now be visible.

(You can also use the "Exclude" option from the General Parameters rollout from individual light sources)

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