Camera & Viewport Types


Camera Controls

Camera controls within Maya are much like 3DS Max, just remember that you always use the Alt key modifier in conjunction with a mouse command for any camera work.

Translation, Rotation, Scale

Maya Oh god do you really want to use this program? refers to the parts of a model, vertices, edges, faces, as "components". There are several ways of accessing a component mode.

  • From the default "object" mode you can simply "Right-Click and hold" anywhere within a viewport to bring up a radial menu that will let you select a component mode.
  • There is a row of buttons along the very top of the program that let you enter sub component modes (they may need to be expanded from a small line/arrow icon).
  • Use F8 through f12 will take you from object mode through vertex, edge, face and so on.

What's quirky about these different options is that they have different behaviors. When using the radial menu to select a component mode you will find that you can easily still select object around the one you wish to edit. This can sometimes be an annoyance. By using the function keys to select a component mode you can edit the components the same way but in these modes other objects are not directly selectable. This may save you some headache when you are working within a scene that has many objects and are trying to just edit the mesh of one.

Object organization