Basic keyframe animations

The basics of animation / using the timeline are as follows. What is is about the phrase "...are as follows" that just sounds so *professional*?

  • Yes, unlike most programs which use thick and visible markers, the little thin red lines on the timeline track are your keyframes.
  • You can quickly add keyframes (position / rotation / scale) for the selected object by pressing the "S" key.
  • Shift-W will set a key for translation alone.
  • Shift-E will set a key for rotattion alone.
  • Shift-R will set a key for scale alone.
  • . will go to the next key on the timeline.
  • , will go to the previous key on the timeline.

Hierarchical animation

For now I'm going to say just make sure you're keeping an eye on the outliner! Well go over Maya Animation if we have time.

Motion Control